Intellectual property is vulnerable and needs protection – trademarks get infringed, products get counterfeited, designs are imitated and copyrighs violated. Particularly in the internet trademark infringement, product piracy and the illegal copying of intellectual property are a daily occurence. The privacy of famous personalities which have become famous trademarks is often violated by the media. At the same time companies are exposed to unfair competition and deceptive business practices by competitors.

We defend the rights and interests of our clients against infringers fast and effectively by means of civil-law, especially through preliminary injunctions and claims, but also through co-operation with the departments of public prosecution and the custom authorities. In case of wrongly claims of infringement against our clients, we will verify the facts and defend our clients interests at the court or according to experience reach amicably economically appropriate solutions through negotiations. Treat us not only as your lawyer, but as your advisor and partner in your daily business – personal and independent.


Dr. Lars Jaeschke, LL.M.

Fachanwalt für Gewerblichen Rechtsschutz

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