Competition and advertising law
Questions concerning competition and advertising law belong to the daily business of most companies. The borderline between a funny advert and unfair competition is blurred. Not rarely some actions potentially provoke the misleading of consumers or competitors are dispraised in an inadmissible manner etc. We monitor the up to date case law constantly and advise brand owners, companies and advertising agencies already during the conception of new advertising campaigns, means of promotion, getup of packagings etc.

In compliance with your order we keep an eye on what your competitors are allowed to do in the market – and what not. In case of an unfair competition incident, we take legal actions against your competitors promptly by a warning letter and/or preliminary injunctions to achieve an omission of the unfair competition action. As far as it is indicated we will enforce claims for disclosure or damages against infringers.

Designations of origin and geographical indications
Products that have acquired a reputation beyond the borders of their region of origin frequently attract imitators who offer lower quality products under the same name and pretend that these products are authentic. In order to protect producers of food products from this kind of unfair competition and consumers from being mislead the European Union introduced the labels „protected geographical indication“ (PGI) and „protected designation of origin“ (PDO). We provide support when registering PGI´s and PDO´s and prevent unauthorised use of them through third parties.

Design Law
Besides the trademark as name of a product the design of a product is an important factor for its success in the market and may become a key asset of your company. Product design protection is available for the colours and shapes of two and three-dimensional objects - for example wallpapers, textiles and logos or furniture and toys, etc. Depending on where you want to market your product we will protect its design for you in Germany, europewide or internationally.

Patents and utility models
We advise our clients on the exploitation of existing patents and utility models for instance by drafting and negotiating license agreements. When registering patents and utility models and in case of litigating about technical inventions we co-operate with specialised patent attorneys.


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