We advise holistic and comprehensively in the field of Media Law. Besides privacy protection for famous personalities, Press Law, Copyright Law and Internet- and Domain Law belong to our range of services.

Privacy protection for famous personalities
Famous personalities today have often become to famous trademarks which are marketed very successfully. On the other hand in nowadays media the privacy each person needs is often violated. If the media becomes too invasive we will defend your freedom of privacy uncomprisingly with all judicial means and enforce counterstatements or revocations and obtain orders to refrain and monetary damages. Moreover we support you in contract negotiations to max out your economical possibilities.

Press Law
We advice publishers and other media companies on the compliance with the press laws – and make sure that competing companies also play the game, for instance that nongratuitous publishments are marked as advertisements. Likewise we advise companies inter alia by the drafting and legal evaluation of press releases.

Copyright Law
We advise authors and companies comprehensively on the exploitation of copyrighted works inter alia by providing and negotiating of licence agreements. In the case of infringements of copyrights or agreements we enforce the rights of our clients extrajudicial or in court proceedings.

New Media Law (Internet- and Domain Law)
Particularly in the internet trademark infringement, product piracy and the illegal copying of intellectual property are a daily occurence. A domain for example is registered quickly – but just as quick name or trademark rights of third parties may be infringed or competition law may be violated. A deficient website imprint is only one example which may cause avoidable costs of a warning letter. We advise our clients to prevent such infringement.


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